Turn of the golden witch

Next up, the Turn of the Golden Witch.

Like the first game, this would not be too difficult to deconstruct.

First twilight : Six with their stomach split in the closed room chapel

Will : Golden truth fastens the phantom lock

Simple enough. The chapel was not locked at all. Rosa never did examine the lock. It was Genji who was examining the lock and subsequently opened the door. If it was an accomplice in the crime, this locked room murder would be “perfect”. Same as before, Shkanontrice lured the 6 adults to the chapel and gunned them down. Given that the murder and the party was an elaborate affair, an accomplice could be required.

Second twilight : The corpses of the two who are close are not close

Will : Phantoms that have served their purpose do not leave corpses

Jessica was killed by Shkanontrice. Kanon’s personality dies. Shannontrice locked the room before leaving.

Seventh and eighth twilight : The two sliced by the red-eyed phantom

Will : No illusion can create a corpse.

Murdered by Shannontrice and then moved outside. Genji was an accomplice and Gohda was threatened and made to lie to Rosa and the cousins.

Fourth, fifth and sixth twilight : In Natsuhi’s closed room, none are left alive.

Will : No one would dispute that a coffin is a closed room.

Shannontrice brought Gohda and George to Natsuhi’s room. Gohda had to comply. Shannontrice then murdered Gohda and George, before Shannon’s personality died. However, given that all deaths could be accounted for until this point, it is safe to assume that Shannon’s body dies too. Most probably by ramming her head onto an erect stake on the table…

Ninth twilight : The midnight bomb.

So what do you think everyone?